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hey guys i got done with a film festival in northern michigan just recently and i wanted to recomend to you a few films u most definitally need to watch out for, listed in order from best to still great but not as good

1. broken flowers - its a beautiful and outstanding film best ive seen all year, im still trying to piece little pieces together.

2. enron: the smartest guys in the room - it is the most shocking and interesting documentary ive ever seen, i dont watch to many documentaries though.

3. Downfall - A movie on hitlers final days in his bunker get this it only mentions the jewish population once. i loved it so much great film making and also great realisim, i really should have tied this and enron, but unfortunatly since downfall was in german the subtitles were rendered near impossible buy a tall guy in front of me. I still read them just not comfortably.

4. The Edukators - its a german film about rebellion kindof fight the man stuff in the begining but dont get turned off by it, its completely different from the midpoint on completely redeamed itself.

sorry if my grammers horrible im very tired after a long weekend
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