greyfox77 (greyfox77) wrote in film_forum,

batman begins

is anybody excited about the new batman movie i cant wait im so happy that theyve made the decisions they did with that movie i think its gonna be better than the new star wars. which is a good thing considering thats its main competition
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May 27 2005, 08:33:30 UTC 12 years ago

batman is gay
the old batmans were gay. the new one is directed by christopher nolan and will explore the good batman. the original one not the kiddy family friend one that evolved from the television series. the real batman was schizophrenic and there was a question to whether he was really killing villans or innocent civillians. the real batman was really good, just like the new movie will be. they just took out all of the bad and indepth stuff to make a fun kids tv show missing the whole point. this batman movie wont have any relation to the other ones and plus christopher nolan made it he also didnt use any cgi


May 28 2005, 18:23:12 UTC 12 years ago

batman is still fucking gay
sont say that till you watch the new movie i used to hate batman too but i think that batman begins is gonna be one of the best movies this year


May 29 2005, 10:26:03 UTC 12 years ago

jacob trust me bat man is gay
Well I actually just saw it recently, and put up a post about this movie. I was REALLLY disappointed!!! =(

what dissappointed you i thought everything was perfect
It seemed like everything was happening too fast, and it wasn't really being explained. I'm not sure how to describe it. It felt like somethings were lacking, I had no care for any of the characters, they could of all died and I wouldn't care less.