oh how little we know (daigor0) wrote in film_forum,
oh how little we know

amnesia films?

i am looking for films using amnesia as a major plot device (e.g. the bourne identity). i am leaning toward thrillers, but am pretty much open to anything amnesia-related (even amnesia sub-plots). any suggestions (or comments about amnesia films at all)?
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- Memento
- The Long Kiss Goodnight
- Mulholland Dr.
- Overboard
- Paycheck
- Till Human Voices Wake Us
- The Majestic
- Trauma
- 50 First Dates
I second Memento. Definitely a thriller, and the format of it plays a lot with the concept of amnesia.
Along with Mulholland Drive, also Lost Highway?
Eternal sunshine of the spottless mind


December 6 2005, 03:36:42 UTC 12 years ago

i know there is a short film by bill brown called roswell that deals a lot with amnesia, talking about it, discussing it etc. its so beautiful and vast and i think if you search online for it you can watch it. its miraculous.